[mod_python] ModPython problems

larry a price laprice at efn.org
Tue Jul 10 14:51:34 EST 2001

Hi, i'm trying to get WebWare 0.5 working with mod_python
i keep on getting this ImportError: module _apache not found
when trying to launch the ModPythonAppServer,
mod_python seems to work fine on it's own, the only thing i can see is
that there is no _apachemodule.so in lib-dynload, though there is an
_apachemodule.o in the build directory from which i installed mod_python,
can i just cp and rename that file or do i need to grovel through the
MakeFile and make sure that it's built as a shared library.

I'm running:
apache 1.3
mod_python 2.7.3
Webware 0.5
Debian 2.2.19pre17

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