[mod_python] Apache Segfault

Matthias Bauer Matthias.Bauer at LivingLogic.de
Mon Oct 9 11:35:41 EST 2000

Alexis, Benno,

thanks for your input.

I already read about this proposal in the FAQ and tried it out.
Unfortunately, this did not help at all :-((

I also sent email to Erno Kuusela (who added the relevant FAQ entry) and
asked if he could give some additional hints. He did not have any
additional ideas either. But from his answer I learned, that the
segfault he encountered, only showed up, when a request was served. My
problem seems to be different: The segfault already occurs during
startup of the apache httpd daemon.

the problems you described when trying to install mod_python on one of
your servers: Did the segfault happen when a request to mod_python came
in or already during startup of the httpd daemon?

--- Matthias

Alexis Iglauer wrote:
> This is (at least used to be) in the docs/FAQ/archives
> somewhere - the mod_python module must be the first
> module loaded for some unknown and untraceable reason.
>  This problem and its solution seems to be appearing
> on the list often, perhaps the answer to it should be
> highlighted in the docs.
> Ciao
> Alexis
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