[mod_python] Problems with mod_python and Apache 1.3.14-3

Antonio Navarro Navarro hostmaster at bemarnet.es
Thu Dec 21 09:06:39 EST 2000

At 15.48 20/12/00 -0500, Gregory Trubetskoy wrote:

>May be it's be it's because I created them on Red Hat 2.6.

6.2 I suppose... yes, this could be the problem.

>Perhaps I should take those RPM's off the site altogether, they seem to do
>little good but confuse people and take up my time since there are
>different variations of RedHat... (Mandrake?) I don't really have any
>access to all those systems nor do I understand or like Red Hat enough to
>be able to support those things.
>Perhaps some Red Hat fan would like to volunteer to maintain the
>RPM's? Your job would be to create all versions of RPM's every time there
>is a release and perhaps answer questions about them on the list.

I can create all version of RPM's from source in RedHat Linux, we are fans
of RH and allways have the latest version installed in our systems. Tell me
what can I do. :-)


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