[mod_python] Yet another Python templating system

Dave Cole djc at object-craft.com.au
Fri Dec 22 14:20:20 EST 2000

A customer of ours has just given us permission to open source a set
of Python modules that we are developing as part of a contract with

We started working on these modules a number of months ago, and they
are now in their third major revision.  The code was originally
developed to work in a CGI environment.  The modules are not just for
HTML template substitution, they are a toolkit for building session
based web applications with Python.

I have done some playing around to see how hard it would be to make
the modules work with mod_python.  The modules in their current form
need very little work to migrate to mod_python.

There is some introductory documentation at:


One of the things that is most likely to change in migrating to
mod_python is the application structure as described in the above
document.  Currently multiple application states / pages are
implemented in a single Python module.  This is good for small systems
like the applications we are developing for the customer, but become a
management problem for larger applications.  In the latest mod_python,
I noted with interest the new Publisher handler.  A modified or
extended version for this would be ideal for implementing each
application state as described in the intro document.

In making this toolkit more general, I would also like to be able to
build applications which are not session based.  The tree and paged
list tags both currently store state information in the session.

We are likely to release the code early in the new year once we have
finalised the license with our client.

- Dave


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