[mod_python] mod_python (source compatible) middleware for mod_wsgi

Martijn Moeling martijn at xs4us.nu
Tue Mar 30 04:32:45 EDT 2010


Just to advertise my project here the link to the repository on Bitbucket.org:


MP2MWSGI is an adapter/middleware to run existing ModPython code on top of ModWsgi

Working source code is online now, with an example.wsgi file.


Authhandler support (add code for that to Request.py)
modify the MP Session.Py (get around _apache calls)
get Util working (get around the _apache.parse_qs and _apache.parse_qsl calls who can help me with that? Graham?)

No support for Publisher (I have not evaluated a contribution to that part yet)

The repository holds eclipse/pydev project files Install Mercurial eclipse plugin.

Comments are welcome


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