[mod_python] Help installing mod_python

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 18:48:57 EDT 2009

2009/10/16 Jorge Sanchez <jorgersg at gmail.com>:
> I continue reading people who succeded installing mod_python for python 2.5,
> the thing is that when I try to install it the installer tells me that I
> need version 2.3 to install and that it doesn't exist. After that I see a
> window where I can write the path, but it doesn't allows me to do it.
> Any help on this will be much appreciated.

It is hard to guess what you are doing wrong given that you do not
even show the output of the 'configure' or 'make' commands.

At a guess though I would probably suggest you don't have  the
corresponding 'python-dev' package installed for your Python version.
This will possibly result in the 'configure' script thinking you don't
have any Python installed, or at least think it is the wrong version.


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