[mod_python] mod_python adapter for mod_wsgi in the make

Martijn Moeling martijn at xs4us.nu
Wed Nov 25 07:02:26 EST 2009

Hi all you mod_python fans!

Since I am developing a python web-os (with browser based desktop) which
is heavily dependant on mod_python I am not very happy to see the
development stop of MP.

Since MOD_WSGI is the alternative I know for a while now I have to move.
In my case this seems possible to crate a "fake" MOD_PYTHON module which
communicates with MOD_WSGI and runs the application.

Up to now I have had some success but there is still some work to do
around apache.py but it all seems possible. That said, I do not use the
Publisher handler and I might not be able to implement that part or I
might need help

I will put this out under the same license conditions as MP and since I
am close to releasing the first beta I am starting to get curious about
interest, If I have to put up a new project on some google or
sourceforge server etc. 

As far as I can see there are no real problems (it might with input and
output filters, nut sure yet) and there are still some parameters for
the Request Object to be filled in. My OS (app) seems to start working,
even stuff like my own build webdav server.

So If anyone has interesting comments to make, shoot

The 'beta' name for the project is "mod_Python adapter for mod_wsgi"
Anyone who comes up with something better gets a free copy :-)

Martijn Moeling

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