[mod_python] How to cache memcache client connection/thread-safe

Denzel Zhang denzel.zhang at facilitatedigital.com
Sun Aug 30 21:25:21 EDT 2009

Hi there,


I am currently working on a project to work out an Ads delivery web page
which needs to get the cache data from backend Memcached Server. The web
server is Apache + mod_python, the performance I tested after I put
memcached client lib (_pylibmc) inside the page was not quiet good, the
main problem I think is that every time network sockets create/destroy
will be very costly, so I changed the way of data retrieving like


from mod_python import apache, util

import _pylibmc as memcache


global mc = None

global bConnectionOpen = False


def handler(req):


         global mc, bConnectionOpen


         if bConnectionOpen == False:

                   mc = memcache.client([""])

                   bConnectionOpen = True


ClientID = mc.get("ClientID")



The performance got much better (700 requests/sec, was just no more than
300 requests/sec) after I changed to above but I still worry about the
data thread safe issue. Can I say that all data would be safe under the
threads of mod_python as its thread-safe? And is there a proper way to
cache or share the sock connection between multiple mod_python


Best Regards,


Denzel Zhang

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