[mod_python] converting site from CGI to mod_python

Adam adam at fastmail.com.au
Fri Oct 31 21:06:39 EDT 2008

I've made a CGI web app for managing DNS zones. I want to convert my 
scripts so they use mod_python instead of cgi, but I can't really find 
any good examples which demonstrate a standard way of doing what I want.

So everything to do with my website is stored in this directory:

This directory has three subdirectories.

config  - holds user and zone configuration
content - originally stored CGI files and templates.
scripts - stored the scripts to handle dns updates and manage configuration

Now I'm wondering whether this directory structure should be reognanised 
if I want to use mod_python. The issue is that my documentroot in apache 
is configured to  /var/www/localhost/BDNS/content and I cannot refer to 
my config files in mod_python using relative path names. This was not an 
issue when I was using CGI.

Consider this as a simple example. I have a file index.py which wants to 
open a config file in the config directory.

from mod_python import apache
bdns = apache.import_module("../scripts/bdns.py")
tmplutils = apache.import_module("../scripts/tmplutils.py")
import sys

def index(req):
        f = open("../config/bdns.conf")
        return f.readlines()

This code above doesn't work when I browse to index.py. I don't want to 
use fixed path names.

Any help with organising my files and folders would be appreciated.


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