[mod_python] Advantages of running non web oriented script using mod_python

Clodoaldo Pinto Neto clodoaldo.pinto.neto at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 11:27:02 EDT 2008

2008/10/16 Leeron Shalev <leeron at devunity.com>:
> I'm currently working on something else, and just pondering the
> python-to-php issue, so yes, please do get back to me later with the rest of
> the details.
> The thing is, I'm sure it will work - I'm just asking if anybody has a word
> of wisdom on which of the approaches will work best.

If the script will be executed frequently then the exec() will have
the same performance problem that CGI has, that is, the interpreter
will be loaded and discarded at each call. If it is not frequent then
i guess there wouldn't be much difference.

Regards, Clodoaldo

> On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 5:05 PM, Clodoaldo Pinto Neto
> <clodoaldo.pinto.neto at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2008/10/16 Leeron Shalev <leeron at devunity.com>:
>> > Hello list :)
>> > I love python, and have some experience using mod_python.
>> > The thing is I have a web site that is based heavily upon PHP.
>> > I have a specific task (Involving file manipulation and some libraries
>> > that
>> > are implemented better in python than in PHP) that I'm planing on using
>> > a
>> > python script for.
>> > At start I thought I'll use mod_python for it, but the integration with
>> > the
>> > DB and PHP objects soon became to much of a pain in the ass.
>> > So the the two main options I'm now considering are:
>> > 1. Using PHP for everything else and calling the python script using
>> > PHP's
>> > exec() function.
>> > 2. Using PHP for everything else and calling the python script via
>> > apache
>> > and mod_python. (using php fopen() or something).
>> > As I said, the final python script is mainly for manipulating the
>> > filesystem
>> > and not really a web oriented script -
>> > Do you think I'll have any benefits from using method 2 (in terms of
>> > performance and concurrency) ?
>> > Any help, thoughts or advice will be much appreciated.
>> I have an old php site in which the chunck of code that executes a
>> certain task was a bit convoluted (as usual in php) and as i wanted to
>> change it i wrote it in python and it works nice. It is called as a
>> web service and returns some lists (as text not html) which are loaded
>> into arrays in php. I don't remember how exactily i did it as i have
>> no access to the server now. In some hours i can check it and return
>> to you if you still haven't figured it out.
>> Regards, Clodoaldo
>> > Cheers,
>> > Leeron
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