[mod_python] Advantages of running non web oriented script using mod_python

Leeron Shalev leeron at devunity.com
Thu Oct 16 10:32:38 EDT 2008

Hello list :)I love python, and have some experience using mod_python.
The thing is I have a web site that is based heavily upon PHP.
I have a specific task (Involving file manipulation and some libraries that
are implemented better in python than in PHP) that I'm planing on using a
python script for.
At start I thought I'll use mod_python for it, but the integration with the
DB and PHP objects soon became to much of a pain in the ass.
So the the two main options I'm now considering are:

1. Using PHP for everything else and calling the python script using PHP's
exec() function.
2. Using PHP for everything else and calling the python script via apache
and mod_python. (using php fopen() or something).

As I said, the final python script is mainly for manipulating the filesystem
and not really a web oriented script -
Do you think I'll have any benefits from using method 2 (in terms of
performance and concurrency) ?

Any help, thoughts or advice will be much appreciated.

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