[mod_python] PSP handler forces content_type text/html ; can this be overridden?

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 02:36:56 EDT 2008

On 24/03/2008, Eric Brunson <brunson at brunson.com> wrote:
> Sidney Cadot wrote:
>  > Hi Graham,
>  >
>  > Thanks for the answer. As you point out it is quite possible to generate a
>  > proper XHTML content-type by going slightly 'below the surface' of PSP.
>  >
>  > However as a general principle I shouldn't have resort to that. It feel like
> > bad practice to look at someone else's code, copy the relevanu uuuu uu    bt bits in the
> > current version of their software, and paste it into my own code, changing
>  > the single line that is disagreeable for my current problem.
>  >
> I disagree.  The purpose of mod_python is not be the ultimate request
>  handler out of the box, I feel it's main purpose is to allow a developer
>  to write his own apache handlers without resorting to C.  It is
>  documented that, though fully functional and usable as is, the publisher
>  handler supplied in the distribution is merely an example of what a
>  publisher can do and can be used as the basis for your own code.
>  Similarly, the PSP handler, while functional and capable of meeting the
>  needs of 90% of its audience, is a basis for extension.

It is arguable that mod_python.psp and mod_python.publisher should not
even be a part of the mod_python package. Unfortunately decisions were
made at some point to make it more than just a Python binding to
Apache. It would have been much better that they were a separate
package. To make things worse, there is stuff in the core of
mod_python (even at C code level) specifically to support those
packages meaning it would be quite hard to separate them from
mod_python and generalise them so that they may for example be hosted
on any WSGI compliant hosting mechanism.

This may be a big issue with Python 3.0 because there is a big
question mark over whether anyone will step forward and port
mod_python to Python 3.0. As such, if the only thing you use
mod_python for is as a jumping off point for a content handler, you
are probably much better off using Python web toolkit that can work on
WSGI as it at least has a chance of surviving going forward into
Python 3.0 even if changes may need to be made to WSGI to allow it.


>  I wouldn't oppose a patch the the default PSP handler to your ends if
>  you submitted one, but it definitely lies in a gray area at the top of a
>  slippery slope, to mix metaphors.
>  Just my two cents,
> e.
>  > In my opinion it would be a lot nicer (from a software engineering
>  > standpoint) if there were a documented way of overriding the content-type
>  > that the PSP.handler() sets, that is available in the standard, published
>  > interface of PSP.
>  >
>  > Something like:
>  >
>  > class PSP:
> >     def handler(req):
> >         req.content_type = config.get("PythonPSPContentType", "text/html")
>  >         ... etcetera ...
>  >
>  >
>  > Is this the correct mailing list to suggest / argue for such a change or
>  > should I head over to python-dev at httpd.apache.org ?
>  >
> > Cheerio, Sidney
> >
>  >
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