[mod_python] mod_python version compatibilities

rahul Rahul.G.Nair at Sun.COM
Sun Mar 2 21:53:49 EST 2008

I am integrating mod_python with Solaris Apache 2.2 package

I would like to know which versions are guaranteed to be compatible.

would mod_python.3.2.8 be completely compatible with mod_python.3.2.7 ?

how about mod_python.3.2.X and 3.3.X ?

(From the FAQ I got that the difference between 3.X and 2.X was related
to apache versions 1.X and 2.X)

To put it another way, If there is a non-compatible interface change,
which version number would get bumped up? in A.B.C ?

(The reason for asking this is that the versions that are guaranteed to
be compatible can be added as an upgrade while the version changes that
may cause non-compatible changes may need to be treated differently.)

(By interface I mean any thing a developer may make use of in mod_python
while developing modules in mod_python. Includes configuration
directives and APIs)


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