[mod_python] mod_python.Importer.path; set dynamically

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 17:03:44 EST 2008

On 01/02/2008, Martijn Moeling <martijn at xs4us.nu> wrote:
> Hi!
>  I am an extensive mod_python user and my system needs something special.
>  Consider the following:
>  in httpd.conf I have :
>  PythonOption mod_python.importer.path ["/var/www/python_modules"]
>  /var/www/html/index.py is linked to ../python_modules/index.py
>  the python_modules directory has subdirectories, like; developer1,
> developer2
>  the python_modules contains stable modules and developerX holds development
> versions.
>  I have load balancing with multiple frond-ends (apache/MP) and one backend
> (MySQL).
>  I would like to dynamically change the mod_python.importer.path so that
> developer1 runs code in the corresponding subdir if the module exists,
>  else fall back to the python_modules directory.
>  Any tips, suggestions, remarks?

What is the distinguisher used to know which developer it is? Are you
using something like Basic authentication and so could distinguish
based on req.user?

If you tell me what the distinguisher is, probably have an idea.


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