[mod_python] Absolute include?

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 08:26:47 EDT 2008

What is in /var/www/header.psp?

Have you tried putting the absolute minimal in that file, ie., just
text, no markup or PSP logic and se if just the text gets included?

Have you looked at the HTML markup returned to the browser to make
sure that some syntax error in HTML isn't result in page content
ending up inside of HTML element and thus simply not displayed by


2008/8/23 . <remember.pol at gmail.com>:
> <%@ include file = "/var/www/header.psp" %>
> ^-- produces a blank page.
> Although...
> <%@ include file = "../header.psp" %>
> works OK.
> I know I can do:
> <% PSP( req, '/var/www/header.psp' ).run() %>
> but this produces a different issue, in the manner of which if I
> create a python syntax error after that header include... the header
> is included then apache writes a full 200-OK error HTML page right
> into the rest of the page, after the existing <HTML> tag in header.psp
> which then produces two XML parsing errors.
> Any fix for this absolute-path blank-page issue?
> Also, why are double quotes required to specify the include file
> whereas single quotes won't suffice?
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