[mod_python] ANN: zope2psp-1.0.3 released

Stephen Bartlett stephen at bartlettsoftware.biz
Thu Aug 7 13:27:16 EDT 2008

zope2psp is a suite of tools that, together with a small runtime
component, aids in the conversion of a website built with Zope's DTML
to one that is based on just Python and the mod_python module for
Apache.  Once converted, the site no longer uses Zope as a platform.


  o Automatic translation of all DTML pages (both DTML Documents and
    DTML Methods), Z SQL Methods, and Python Script objects.

  o Support for Zope-style lookup of items in the REQUEST object,
    cookie and form values, and the filesystem (a simplified version of
    Zope's acquisition feature).

  o Support for Zope-style inclusion of one page by another by merely
    "acquiring" the included page name.

  o Database connectivity via ODBC (pyodbc) and native psycopg2 to
    PostgreSQL.  Logging of SQL and results to a trace file is supported
    for both types of driver.  Connection pooling is also implemented 
    for both.


A client of mine has developed a growing body of website code using
Zope and DTML.  They are reaching the point where software development
using just through-the-web editing is becoming too painful.  Code
refactoring is difficult without global search-and-replace.  Zope
precludes the use of version control systems to manage changes over
time.  I took it upon myself to see if I could write a translation
tool to help them move away from Zope.

After several months of intensive effort, I'm pleased enough with its
results to release it to the public.  It has successfully translated a
website having 2,000 DTML pages, 1,600 Z SQL Methods, and 200 Python
Script objects into a straight mod_python website.  The resulting PSP
code may not be pretty, but it does indeed work!


zope2psp is Copyright 2008 Stephen Bartlett and licensed under the GNU
GPL (General Public License).  zope2psp is free software: you can
redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General
Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

More Info:

Downloads and documentation are available at:


Stephen Bartlett
President, Bartlett Software, Inc.

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