[mod_python] line continuned operator...\

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 19:23:05 EDT 2008

2008/8/5 . <remember.pol at gmail.com>:
> Well, I'm curious as to whether anyone could please properly explain
> this to me ...
> Any time I end a line in a .psp (mod_python) file with a single
> backslash, this character is not rendered in the final HTML when the
> page is requested through the HTTPD (Apache)..
> If the backslash is placed anywhere other than as the extreme last
> character on a line, then it is rendered as expected.
> In order to have the backslash rendered at the end of a .psp line it
> actually needs to be escaped by proceeding it with another backslash.
> Note, this is _not_ within a code-delimited block (<% %>).
> Also, not only is it not rendered but it actually results in the
> newline following the backslash to be removed, resulting in the two
> rendered HTML lines to actually be one.
> I find this strange because in a sense the operator is functioning
> ``as defined''... but under what scope?  Simply because I have it in a
> .psp file?
> This doesn't happen in .php or .html files. And again I need to
> reiterate this is _NOT_ within a python <% %> block.
> Finally, this seems to be the only existing escapable character.
> I tried placing \t and \n in the file (and yes, even right at the
> extreme end of a line), and they simply show up as \t and \n in the
> rendered HTML. (Not the actual ASCII character equivalents)
> Any ideas?

Enable PythonDebug and .psp_ extension and look at generated source
code. Because Python code is being generated, what is probably being
produced is:


Python is then interpreting it as line continuation character.

Details of line continuation in:


Other than that, can't find anything in code which is specifically
dealing with backslash.


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