[mod_python] line continuned operator...\

. remember.pol at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 18:28:56 EDT 2008

Well, I'm curious as to whether anyone could please properly explain
this to me ...

Any time I end a line in a .psp (mod_python) file with a single
backslash, this character is not rendered in the final HTML when the
page is requested through the HTTPD (Apache)..

If the backslash is placed anywhere other than as the extreme last
character on a line, then it is rendered as expected.

In order to have the backslash rendered at the end of a .psp line it
actually needs to be escaped by proceeding it with another backslash.

Note, this is _not_ within a code-delimited block (<% %>).

Also, not only is it not rendered but it actually results in the
newline following the backslash to be removed, resulting in the two
rendered HTML lines to actually be one.

I find this strange because in a sense the operator is functioning
``as defined''... but under what scope?  Simply because I have it in a
.psp file?

This doesn't happen in .php or .html files. And again I need to
reiterate this is _NOT_ within a python <% %> block.

Finally, this seems to be the only existing escapable character.

I tried placing \t and \n in the file (and yes, even right at the
extreme end of a line), and they simply show up as \t and \n in the
rendered HTML. (Not the actual ASCII character equivalents)

Any ideas?

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