[mod_python] PSP returning empty result

Nicholas Piël nicholas at nichol.as
Sat Sep 29 19:22:05 EDT 2007

On Sep 29, 2007, at 7:20 PM, Jim Gallacher wrote:
> Is there any indication in the apache error log that apache process  
> is seg faulting? These sorts of problems can are often traced back  
> to mismatches in library versions used by php, apache and python.  
> The most common culprits are mysql and expat, but there are  
> certainly others.
> On the other hand I don't recall any specific instance where we've  
> seen  library conflicts with psp.

No, i did not see any segfaulting in the apache2 error logs, which  
made tracking this problem really hard.

There seems to be some known problem with libmhash2 and Debian ETCH:

However, in this case i was able to locate a different PHP5 module  
which caused this problem: php5-recode

'sudo apt-get remove php5-recode' solved my issues.


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