[mod_python] mod python installation problem

Dirk van Oosterbosch, IR labs labs at ixopusada.com
Mon Sep 17 14:37:47 EDT 2007

Please provide more information, so we could help.
Specifically Django's configuration in Apache's .conf file and the  
404 error from Apache's error.log


On 17-sep-2007, at 19:05, Swati Mazumder wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have set up Django on linux successfully and want to run through  
> Apache server. In my server,-
> 1) Apache is installed
> 2) python is installed
> 3) Mod python is installed and activated. I have modified the  
> configuration file of Apache accordingly
> 4) Django is installed
> 5) Django development server is running successfully
> 6) I have tested some simple django application through development  
> server and its running.
> Problem is when I am trying to access the django application  
> through the apache server, its throwing a 404 (not found) message.  
> I think there is some simple linking problem. Can anyone please help?
> Thanks,
> Swati

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