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sikander hayat hayat221 at yahoo.com
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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the reply, well, the problem is that the processing time is too long. So what i want is: take the info from the static HTML page and tell the user that an email will be sent and then process the info. And hence, the user can close the window and i can keep on doing my processing...even long after the user has closed the web page :)


Greg Fawcett <greg at vig.co.nz> wrote: Hi Sikander - 

It sounds like you have a static HTML page with the form on it calling a python script when the form is submitted.

After your python script processes the information, it can use req.write() to send the HTML for the confirmation page back to the user, perhaps saying that an email has been been sent to them. They can then close this page whenever they like. 


On 29/05/07, sikander hayat <hayat221 at yahoo.com> wrote: Hi all,

I am running mod_python at the backend of my webpage. The scenario is: a user enters some information in the form elements of a html page and when he presses "submit" button, a python script is called via mod_python and i process the information. 

Now, i want to continue this backend processing and allow the user to close my webpage after informing him that the results will be sent via email, so that he doesnt have to wait with the webpage open all the time. How can i do that? 


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