[SPAM] Re: [mod_python] mod_python+Apache2+OpenSSL missconfiguration?

Johans Taboada jmt4b04d4v at gmail.com
Sat May 26 13:31:49 EDT 2007

Hi, sorry again for late response.

2007/5/17, Graham Dumpleton <graham.dumpleton at gmail.com>:
> Hmmm, looking at code, the SSL code in Apache is probably embedded
> within the actual httpd rather than being linked in. Running:
>   nm /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd | grep ssl

I think you're right, previous command threw lots (419) of following similar
08093020 T ssl_cmd_SSLProxyCipherSuite
08093050 T ssl_cmd_SSLProxyEngine
08093430 T ssl_cmd_SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile

I remember now that this installation (of OpenSSL) isn't clean (mix of
unereased prepackaged binaries and source compiled).

would probably show that to be the case. If it is and the problems are
> the result of a clash between the embedded version of SSL and the
> external libraries, then solution would be to tell Apache to use
> external SSL libraries using the Apache configure script option:
>   --with-ssl=DIR          OpenSSL SSL/TLS toolkit
> Thus rebuilding Apache to use same external SSL library may be one thing
> to try.

I've already made a cleaner installation in another node and everything's
fine now, thanks.

The next thing I was going to suggest you do was to take a standalone
> test program that shows that what you are trying to do works outside
> of Apache and make sure it still works when you run it as the same
> user that Apache runs as and from the root directory of your
> filesystem.
> Doing this would check two things. The first is whether it is user
> related and second whether it could be the result of things being run
> in a directory where no write access is available.

I tried this first and found that is not user related.


Thanks again, I couldn't have made any progress without this help,
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