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Olaf Stein steino at ccri.net
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Just for out how it works....


On 3/30/07 11:38 AM, "Olaf Stein" <steino at ccri.net> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am writing a little app using mod_python and PyMeld as a templating
> system. I have my own class for handling sessions and now want to pass the
> session id from function to function.
> PyMeld works fine, except it does not allow me (at least not to my
> knowledge) to e.g set values for hidden fields or attach the session id to
> the url, it only lets me set "display" values not values for attributes
> themselves, which is what I would need in this case.
> An PyMeld example ( http://entrian.com/PyMeld/)
> ------------------------
> page = Meld('<html><span id="x">Hello world</span></html>')
> page.x = "Goodbye"
> -------------------------
> The id attribute basically represents the value of displayed in between span
> tags, I cannot set values for attributes themselves.
> Does anyone know if PyMeld can make this happen or of a templating system
> that supports this kind of thing?
> Thanks again
> Olaf
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