[mod_python] Templating system issue

Olaf Stein steino at ccri.net
Fri Mar 30 10:38:46 EST 2007

Hi All,

I am writing a little app using mod_python and PyMeld as a templating
system. I have my own class for handling sessions and now want to pass the
session id from function to function.

PyMeld works fine, except it does not allow me (at least not to my
knowledge) to e.g set values for hidden fields or attach the session id to
the url, it only lets me set "display" values not values for attributes
themselves, which is what I would need in this case.

An PyMeld example ( http://entrian.com/PyMeld/)
page = Meld('<html><span id="x">Hello world</span></html>')
page.x = "Goodbye"

The id attribute basically represents the value of displayed in between span
tags, I cannot set values for attributes themselves.

Does anyone know if PyMeld can make this happen or of a templating system
that supports this kind of thing?

Thanks again

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