[mod_python] how to use Mysql on mod_python+apache?

Roberto C. Sánchez roberto at connexer.com
Tue Mar 27 05:42:03 EST 2007

On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 10:06:16AM +0200, Bart wrote:
> Sounds accurate enough, except I consider them unnecessary quirks
> instead of shortcomings.   I recently gave MySQL a real chance
> (in a real app) and yes, you can work with/around all the quirks, but it's
> stupid that you have to *know* about (read:trip over) all of them first -
> what are RDBMSes for if not the convenience, y'know?
> (Not speed, for one, and yet that seems the reason for many of
> MySQL's oddities, which is the reason I have trouble taking it seriously)
Sorry, but accepting invalid input without error, truncating overly long
input and clipping overflowed numbers are not "quirks".  They are
serious data integrity issues.  Think about it.  If you develop multiple
applications (by different teams or developers) against the same MySQL
database, the *only* assurance that you have that your data won't get
hosed is that *every* developer implements the proper data integrity
checks in the application layer.  That is wrong on so many levels it is
not evn funny.

> But talking about convenience: phpmyadmin is useful, while phppgadmin
> is currently hopeless, which is relevant to database servers you don't have
> admin control over, since they're typically a pain to poke around.
> I've been using postgres for almost all serious things, but for my quick
> proof-of-concept projects even on my own server I use mysql
> because of just this.
That's fine.  At least you aren't really using MySQL in production :-)

Out of curiousity, what specific shortcomings do you see in phppgadmin?
Have you tried pgadminIII?

I've used both phppgadmin and phpmyadmin and found both to be adequate

> Back to the list/subject:
> 'course, the MySQLdb module has an annoying quirk in unicode behaviour
> until recent versions. I had to write a wrapper around it or have it bork on
> still semi-current versions.
> I believe SQLObject does some similar wrapping, by the way.


Roberto C. Sánchez
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