[mod_python] how to use Mysql on mod_python+apache?

Bart scarfboy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 03:06:16 EST 2007

On 3/26/07, Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto at connexer.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 10:55:51AM -0400, Fred of UrlBit.Us wrote:
> > On Monday 26 March 2007 10:07, Roberto C. Sánchez uttered thusly:
> >
> > > Perhaps you should ask on a MySQL list?  BTW, you really should be using
> > > a real database (as in anything other than MySQL).
> >
> > Flame bait-r-us!
> >
> It is not intended that way.  The OP appears to be a newbie (at least
> his post came across that way).  Given the more than amply documented
> deficiencies in MySQL, it is not advisable for a newbie to get started
> with.  In fact, I would argue that only the most experienced
> professionals should be the ones to decide when MySQL is appropriate.
> (I don't even put myself in that category, since I wouldn't know how to
> properly deal with MySQL's manifold shortcomings).

Sounds accurate enough, except I consider them unnecessary quirks
instead of shortcomings.   I recently gave MySQL a real chance
(in a real app) and yes, you can work with/around all the quirks, but it's
stupid that you have to *know* about (read:trip over) all of them first -
what are RDBMSes for if not the convenience, y'know?
(Not speed, for one, and yet that seems the reason for many of
 MySQL's oddities, which is the reason I have trouble taking it seriously)

But talking about convenience: phpmyadmin is useful, while phppgadmin
is currently hopeless, which is relevant to database servers you don't have
admin control over, since they're typically a pain to poke around.
I've been using postgres for almost all serious things, but for my quick
proof-of-concept projects even on my own server I use mysql
because of just this.

Back to the list/subject:
'course, the MySQLdb module has an annoying quirk in unicode behaviour
until recent versions. I had to write a wrapper around it or have it bork on
still semi-current versions.

I believe SQLObject does some similar wrapping, by the way.


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