[mod_python] mod_python example code

Eric Clack eric at bright-interactive.com
Tue Jan 16 17:45:26 EST 2007

I've been using Python, MySQL, Apache and mod_python for some time now
and think that it is a great combination for many projects. However I
have been constantly surprised by the lack of any visible mod_python
examples on the web.

So, I've released my framework in the hope that it will be useful to
others and of course to seek comments, corrections, criticisms from the

This framework takes care of:
- templating (using Cheetah)
- querying MySQL (using Manager objects)
- sending emails
- debugging (to Apache log or stdout)
- users and security

Download the framework from this page:
It's licensed under the GPL.

I hope to add more examples over the coming months (e.g. demonstrating
emails, etc). However, the full source code is provided and its
reasonably well commented, so you can always discover for yourself.


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