[mod_python] Multiple functions

Peter Sanchez petersanchez at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 14:50:22 EST 2007

This may be a weird question. I have a site running off a single 1U  
that is serving more than 10M page views per month. It is 100% in  
mod_python using publisher. I have done what I can to increase  
performance server wise and I do need to add a second server to help  
with the load. I am wondering if I can speed it up a bit in the code  
itself by splitting it into multiple files.

Currently I have 90% of the code in a single index.py file. All "web"  
end functions reside there. I assume it would be faster to have a  
browse.py instead of a browse() function in index.py. Is this  
thinking correct? My logic is the engine will just need to read the  
browse function instead of the entire index.py file, then use the  
browse only function.

All advice is welcome and appreciated!


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