[mod_python] mod_python install fails

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Wed Apr 4 09:28:22 EDT 2007

Brian McCann wrote:
> httpd is located in /opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/httpd

Then it seems to be an alternative installation of Apache, and you must 
use the full path.

> [root at sirius1 bin]# httpd -V
> Server version: Apache/2.2.3
> Server built:   Feb  5 2007 13:01:55

This is calling whichever httpd is in your path. Run this command instead:

  /opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/httpd -V

> [root at sirius1 bin]# apxs2 -q TARGET
> apxs:Error: /usr/sbin/httpd2 not found or not executable.

Once again, you must use the apxs installed by your target Apache 
installation. It is probabably this:


Confirm this and use:


>  > configure: checking whether apxs is available...
>  > checking for --with-apxs... /usr/sbin/apxs2 executable, good

That looks like the apxs installed by Red Hat.

>  > checking Apache version... apxs:Error: /usr/sbin/httpd2 not found or not
>  > executable.
>  > apxs:Error: /usr/sbin/httpd2 not found or not executable.

It's looking for Red Hat's httpd, not the CollabNet one.

You should also make sure you don't have Red Hat's mod_python installed. 
While it's easy to install mod_python to work with any single Apache 
installation, it's a bit more work to support multiple installations.

And if you're not going to use Red Hat's Apache, uninstall every bit of 
it to get it out of your path (and add /opt/CollabNet_Subversion/bin/ to 
your path if you want the convenience).

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