[mod_python] Lama, sorry: Windows, Apache 2.2.3, ModPy

durumdara durumdara at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 04:10:46 EDT 2006

Hi !

Graham Dumpleton írta:
> If Apache showed mod_python loading with no error and you got this,
> it is possibly a misconfiguration on your part. I would suggest you might
> step through the procedure outlined in:
>   http://www.dscpl.com.au/wiki/ModPython/Articles/GettingModPythonWorking

Thanks ! It is worked for me, but...

... I want to hear the position of the BigModPythonGurus on this question:

Why I got Apache error messages when I try to use the latest version of 
modpy ? What's the function name that missing from so/dll ?
Why it isn't documented ?

Apache 2.2.3 / later versions than modpy 3.2.10 / Python 2.4

Thanks for your help:

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