[mod_python] installing on JBoss

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Thu Sep 7 10:24:05 EDT 2006

Yehuda Rajuan wrote:
> How do I keep my responses on the list, just answer there and mail to
> everyone?

I usually click on Reply All (I normally use Thunderbird), and delete 
all of the addresses except the list's, unless I feel it's important to 
CC the sender (who will end up getting a duplicate, but might want to 
see the message sooner than they would normally check list traffic). 
There are better ways, but I do it this way because I subscribe to a 
number of lists that act differently or don't follow mailing list standards.

> Can I link between httpd and Jboss so I would not have two servers
> running, just to use python.

I assume so. I don't use Jboss, but I use Jrun (for ColdFusion) on some 
servers, and install a connector, which is just another Apache module.

> My task is to ad python to my Jboss application server so java and
> python can exchange data easily.

I encourage you to try mod_python, but you may not need it, unless you 
want to build some kind of web service that uses existing Python code 
you've written. You might also want to look at Jython, which is Python 
written in Java:


I've never used it, but if you're simply looking for Java/Python 
integration, it's worth a peek.

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