[mod_python] myghty.session with Python2.2

Larry Myerscough hippos at chello.nl
Thu Oct 26 15:42:18 EDT 2006

I recently discovered that my host website (which I access as 
larry.myerscough.nl) has mod_python configured to use python2.2. This is 
strange since python2.4 is also installed, but I'm trying to live with 
this until I can get it sorted out. This site uses Apache 1.3 =- which 
I'm also trying to live with.

In my local try-out of the site (which is Apache 2.0 Python2.4) I make a 
lot of use of Session objects.

Following the advice from a FAQ at modpython.org, I'm trying to use the 
session module from myghty on the real site. I get an import error on 
'datetime' which I thus presume doesn't exist in Python2.2.

So I think I either need a datetime module in the form of a datetime.py 
file or perhaps some other Python2.2-compatible stand-in for the session 

Any advice?

(If I'm flogging a dead horse here and really should try to get the site 
configuration straightened out before proceeding furhter, don't hesitate 
to say so!)

Larry Myerscough
('papa hippo')

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