[mod_python] util.FieldStorage

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Thu Oct 26 09:13:35 EDT 2006

Brian Bird wrote:
> is there any documentation on the best way to provide
> patches/unittests for ModPython?

Work with the development trunk.
svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/httpd/mod_python/trunk

Create diffs with subversion:
svn diff src/whatever.c > <patch-name>.diff

We try and use a naming convention for the patch consisting of 
JIRA-ISSUE_ISO-DATE_yourname_x.diff, but you won't be spanked if you 
don't do this. ;)

eg. MP93_20061026_bbird_1.diff

Create a new JIRA issue if it's something new.

Attach your patch to the appropriate JIRA issue. *Don't* send your patch 
as an attachment to either of the mailing lists. It's just to easy to 
loose track of things that way. JIRA is our friend.

Subscribe to the developers mailing list and join in the discussion, or 
if there is no discussion - start one. :) If your patch is to fix some 
simple bug it's probably not necessary to join the dev mailing list.

It's still without a permanent home (mod_python wiki perhaps?), but you 
may want to take a look at this:


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