[mod_python] ReportLab integration

Jim Steil jim at qlf.com
Mon Oct 16 10:53:47 EDT 2006

Thanks so much for the examples.  That's exactly what I needed.  I used the
example in Reportlab-demo.py and it is working great in FireFox, but not in
IE.  There is a comment in the source about IE choking on some code but I
don't know how to get around that.  Also, is there some trick or
configuration I need to do to get a .pdf extension on my url?  I'm using the
publisher handler.
Thanks again.  What I've got working now really helps, and getting around
these 2 issues would just be icing on the cake!
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On 14/10/2006, at 6:25 AM, Jim Steil wrote:

Can someone help get me pointed in the right direction?  I want to allow a
user to request a PDF from my mod_python app.  When they do so, I want to
generate the PDF on the fly with ReportLab and then send the resulting PDF
back to the browser without saving it anywhere.  I've done some searches on
the web but can't seem to find examples of doing this with just mod_python
and ReportLab.  I've seen examples of using other tools, but not just
mod_python.  This sounds like something others are probably doing, but I
need a push in the right direction.  Thanks in advance for your time.
This uses reportlab to generate the PDF.
There is also:
This uses free version of tool for converting reportlab RML to PDF.
The actual source code for each is at:
These happen to use Vampire for the mod_python handler framework,
but you should be able to adapt them to other mod_python handler
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