[mod_python] Install on windows box

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas at lehuen.com
Thu Oct 12 14:42:58 EDT 2006

I think it is telling you that a *Python* version is required but is not
found in the registry.

You need to install Python before installing mod_python. Be sure to select
the mod_python installer that matches both your Python version and your
Apache version.

If you are looking for a mod_python installer that support Python 2.5,
you've got one fresh from the oven at
http://nicolas.lehuen.com/download/mod_python . It hasn't made his way to
the official binaries repository but hopefully it will soon be there.

Of course, when posting questions to this mailing list, the first thing you
should do it tell us what is your OS version, your Apache version, your
Python version etc.


2006/10/12, Kevin Cloutier <kmcloutier at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I thought i was a relitivley intelligent person.  For wheter reason
> mod_python is giving me the simplist, im sure, of problems.  I can not eve
> figure out how to install it on my windows box running Apache Server.
> I like that there are win32 install exe file available but when i run one
> it tells me that a previous mod_python version is required and was not found
> in the registry.
> Very stupid question but what is the first steps i need to take to install
> it on my windows box?
> Thanks for any help.
> Kevin
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