[mod_python] webinterface for a local telnet server

Andreas Klauer Andreas.Klauer at metamorpher.de
Fri Oct 6 10:02:08 EDT 2006

On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 03:32:35PM +0200, Mike Looijmans wrote:
> I think that is the only way it will ever work reliably. You can get 
> Apache to run in a single process, so that you can simply use a 
> dictionary (user->connection) and a bit of mutexing to manage your 
> connections.

It's not that I don't like threads, but it is contra-productive to not 
have any control over them. It'd be great if my mod_python script could 
just say 'Hey, this guy belongs to another thread' and it would switch 
over there or something.

I suppose I can't do inter process communication between mod_python 
threads either (or it would not be feasible to do so...), i.e. having 
every mod_python thread double acting as a daemon for the others?

Andreas Klauer

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