[SPAM] Re: [mod_python] Wiki for mod_python. Contributors welcome.

Erik Thompson mrlobster99 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 23:38:48 EST 2006

> > This is a good sentiment.  But, does it make some sense to have a spot
> > on the
> > wiki for code devoted to things like this?  Session handling can be
> > approached many ways, so it might be useful to have code examples hosted
> > more
> > formally than simply via the email archive.  Also, one could envision a
> > generic handlers section, a persistent objects section, etc.  All of
> these
> > have been discussed relatively recently; wouldn't it be nice to say "put
> > in
> > on the wiki" or "refer to the wiki" when these come up?
> >
I took the liberty of adding a sample code page to the wiki and a PSP
example I wrote recently when I was attempting to learn the correct syntax
for using session and form variables.  Feel free to review, modify, delete,
or whatever =).  I'd personally love to see more examples of PSP and
mod_python to help myself and others learn.


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