[mod_python] How create a scheduler ?

Seb seb.dailly at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 08:30:38 EST 2006

>  It is. You might want to look at my
> http://projects.amor.org/misc/wiki/Recur which now includes
> a Worker class and a Scheduler class. There's also
> http://trac.turbogears.org/turbogears/browser/trunk/turbogears/scheduler.py,
> which is a webified version of Irmen de Jong's older Kronos module.

Ok, I ll take a look at the python frameworks. It seems to be a
solution for my problems, and does not have the apache limitations for
my specific problem, I think that a true python server will be able to
answer my waitings.

I thank you all for your answers :)


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