[mod_python] How create a scheduler ?

Seb seb.dailly at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 07:37:07 EST 2006

> >> how about creating a cron entry that create a http request?

I would like to implant the scheduler inside the python site. I don't
know where my project can be hosted, and if I'll have the access to

> >
> > You could fork another process.
> You can use the PythonImport directive to have a specific module
> imported
> at the time that the Apache child process is created and prior to any
> actual
> request having been received. From this you could create a new thread to
> perform some periodic task.
> BTW, what exactly is it that you want the thread to do?

Thanks for the information, I think I'll look on this way.
My goal is to create a persistent game with html acces. I need to
update the world periodicly, and not to wait that a user upload a page
for checking and launch all the tasks. Each tasks will be counted as a
thread, wich can be update for the game, mail on the intern mail
service, saves and more...
Before coding anything, I would like to be sure that what I want to do
is realizable..

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