[mod_python] 3.3 release plans

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Mon Nov 6 08:46:12 EST 2006

Sells, Fred wrote:
> our company's philosophy is that if it can't be installed with "apt-get" we
> don't install it.  If I'm going to propose building mod_python, I would like
> to only fight that battle once, for 3.3.
> Is there a rough estimate on 3.3 release schedule?  even an approximate
> "window" would help.

With luck we'll be in a beta testing round within a week. I think what 
we have is pretty solid, so hopefully the testing round won't turn up 
any disasters. This is a pretty major release in terms of the number of 
bugs fixed and new features though, so we'd like to have testing on as 
many platforms as possible.

Here is what I'm hoping:

This week: Snapshot for initial testing - just to make sure we haven't 
done anything really stupid. We also need a couple of days to flesh out 
some documentation on the new importer, and finish a couple of minor 
issues that should be fixed for this release.

Next week: First 3.3 beta

Mid to Late November: Additional betas if required.

End of November - early December: 3.3 Final

So, we are very close. The initial beta releases are not generally 
announced on this list. If anyone is interested in helping with the 
testing and is not subscribed to the developers list, drop me a note and 
I'll keep you in the loop. Testing consists of compiling the tarball, 
running the unit tests (but not on your production machine) and 
reporting back the results.


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