[mod_python] Just finished installing mod_python, and boy are my arms tired

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Fri Nov 3 15:30:00 EST 2006

Cavanagh, Sean (Sean) wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just wanted to mention a couple of un-documented hiccups that tripped
> me up during compile.  
> 1.	Seems that mod_python needs an up-to-date flex; I had to upgrade
> to  2.5.33  (For the record, this is in the readme file, but not the
> html docs)

Incorrect. Flex is listed in the index, and the flex requirement is 
detailed in the docs.

As explained in the docs, you generally don't need flex unless you 
modify with the psp_parser.l file. Unless you are using mod_python < 
3.2, configure will issue a warning about the wrong flex, but will still 

> 2.	Seems that mod_python needs an _old_ libtools; I had to
> downgrade from 1.5.20 to 1.5.6.  

I don't know what platform you are on, but I have 1.5.22 on my Ubuntu 
system and see no problems. None the less, please share what you found. 

apache version (and mpm)
python version
mod_python version

> Needless to say, there weren't any helpful error messages; this was a
> couple hours of head banging and googling.  In the end, I found the
> libtool dependency on this helpful forum:
> http://www.webhostingtalk.pl/index.php?s=b60bac83029b4d20890b3d0fe4ceb99
> 4&showtopic=4720&pid=31248&st=0&#entry31248
> And for the record, no, I don't speak Polish...
> Anyway, to whom might I send some modifications to the
> Doc/modpython2.tex file?  I don't have subversion running, and I'm not
> inclined to do so just for a small doc update.

If it's something small, you can send it to me, send it to the 
mod_python list or to the dev mailing list. If it's a larger patch we 
prefer that a JIRA issue be created so we don't loose it in email 
archive vortex.

If you are sending a patch for anything other than the trunk development 
branch, please make sure the mod_python version you are patching is obvious.


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