[mod_python] Just finished installing mod_python, and boy are my arms tired

Cavanagh, Sean (Sean) scavanagh at avaya.com
Fri Nov 3 11:07:51 EST 2006

Hello all,

I just wanted to mention a couple of un-documented hiccups that tripped
me up during compile.  

1.	Seems that mod_python needs an up-to-date flex; I had to upgrade
to  2.5.33  (For the record, this is in the readme file, but not the
html docs)

2.	Seems that mod_python needs an _old_ libtools; I had to
downgrade from 1.5.20 to 1.5.6.  

Needless to say, there weren't any helpful error messages; this was a
couple hours of head banging and googling.  In the end, I found the
libtool dependency on this helpful forum:

And for the record, no, I don't speak Polish...

Anyway, to whom might I send some modifications to the
Doc/modpython2.tex file?  I don't have subversion running, and I'm not
inclined to do so just for a small doc update.


Sean Cavanagh | Software QA Manager | Communication Appliances Division
| P2P Business
Avaya | 1135 Innovation Drive Suite 100 | Ottawa, ON K2K 3J7
613.592.4343 x239 | scavanagh at avaya.com

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