[mod_python] RE: is mod_python borked?

Sells, Fred fred at adventistcare.org
Thu Nov 2 10:50:30 EST 2006

I've just gotten started with mod_python, using it for about 2 weeks, and
can offer these insights(?)
1. easy install and getting started
2. simple mods to apahce conf to "invoke" it
3. really cool code if using the publisher
4. only limitation I've found is that you need to restart apache when you
deploy .py changes.  There may be a way around this, but it wasn't worth the
effort to me to explore.
5. if you're using Session objects, take special note of the "lock" option.
If you try to get the same session object twice during the same execution
cycle (i.e. POST) it hangs with the default setting.  Some may argue that
getting the same thing twice is just sloppy code, and they may be right, but
when the wolf's at the door you gotta...

I was able to write a security handler that intercepts all .py and .html
references and assures login before access is granted.  web site developers
are unaware of my "intercept" so they cannot bypass it.

a simple controller, that is the only file that is web specific, calling my
backend logic that also runs from command line for debugging.

none of the above was more than 1/4 page of code.

There are (too?) many python web frameworks.  Others seem like they may be
better for my needs, but this works easily.  Will explore others when wolf's
on vacation.

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walterbyrd wrote:
> I am considering python, instead of php, for web-application
> development. I often see mod_python.criticisized as being borked,
> broken, or just plain sucking.
> Any truth to any of that?
Why don't you ask the very active mod_python mailing list that?

Like all systems mod_python has its limitations, but it has an active 
development community who are extremely responsive to user and developer 

Follow-ups set to gmane.comp.python.mod_python.

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