[mod_python] error: could not import mod_python.apache

e.deventer at boer.nl e.deventer at boer.nl
Wed May 3 04:52:39 EDT 2006

Sorry it took me so long to reply, there were a lot of other things going 

"Lee Brown" <administrator at leebrown.org> wrote on 21-04-2006 14:27:13:

> The reason why I asked you to check the owner status is that the 
> owner of a file or application is always fully-privileged for that 
> file or application.  Ask your system administrator to log and in 
> and try running your tests again.  If it works when the 
> administrator is the current user and it doesn't work when you are 
> the current user, then somewhere in the apache/mod_python/python 
> process there is a file that cannot be accessed by an ordinary user.

Turns out I was wrong, they are not owned by the user Administrator but by 
the user group Administrators. And my user account is actually part of the 
Administrators group.

> If so, the quickest solution is for your administrator is to create 
> a new user group that has administrator-level privileges for all of 
> apache, mod_python, python, and the web document directories - all 
> the stuff you will be using.  He should then add your user to that 

All these files are owned by the Administrator group.

Kind regards,

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