[mod_python] WSGI server

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Thu Mar 30 14:08:56 EST 2006

Hey, thanks for your feedback.

Robert Brewer wrote:
>  1. mpm_query isn't available in all version of mod_python.

Any versions of mod_python < 3.1?  If not, then I'm not particularly
interested in supporting them ;-)  But, point taken.  It's not going to work
with apache 1.3, even though it probably doesn't cost me much to check for
mpm_query to make it do so.  Oh, and the send_http_headers function.  Bah.

>  2. I've found a passthrough file wrapper "plays nicer" with large
> applications than a tempfile. YMMV.

Yeah, I have seen this mostly implemented that way and considered it.  The
main problem I have is that the spec says that wsgi.input is a file "like"
object.  A passthru wrapper doesn't let me seek or tell, and if you're
supporting large POST requests (e.g. file uploads), then a StringIO isn't
going to cut it.  I see where a passthru can be more efficient, but I prefer
the flexibility of the tempfile implementation.  You could put tempfiles on
a tmpfs mount, if you were interested in improving performance.


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