[mod_python] Mod Python problems

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Mar 28 19:20:30 EST 2006

gOLeM wrote ..
> Hello,
> I know that you guys must have got this mail a thousand times, but i
> cant seem to find a solution anywhere. I have tried everything but
> couldnt get mod_python running.
> I've downloaded the psp_site.tgz and put it in /var/www/html/psp_site
> and when i try to access it, i am getting the actual code instead of
> the webpage.
> The mod_python.so is loaded, but still i am not able to get psp running
> :(
> Please help me.

Have you tried getting a simple test handler going first? Trying to
start out by using PSP site example is not a good way to go.

If you haven't tried a simple test handler first, work your way through:


to get an idea how things work.

If you have got a simple test handler going, you need to be a bit more
specific about what snippet of Apache configuration you are using
to enable PSP example. Where it is, ie., global Apache config or in
.htaccess file etc.


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