[mod_python] Need Assistance MD5 hash

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sat Mar 25 05:30:02 EST 2006

On 25/03/2006, at 8:52 PM, Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

> To all readers of this mailing list,
> Please stop answering "python eager"'s RTFMesque questions, with a
> little luck, if we don't look at him, he'll go away.
> Maybe I'l just the only one to find his questions and his way
> offensive, but the less I read his imperative, ill-mannered and most
> of all stupid questions, the better I feel.
> It's worse than spam. It's quite depressing to think that an actual
> human being prefers to take some time to annoy a lot of people (he's
> not restricting his questions to this mailing list) instead of reading
> the freely available documentation.

Also, to anyone new to the list who thinks Nicolas is being a bit harsh,
be aware that we have tried to educate Mr Python Eager numerous times as
to the appropriate forums to post both generic questions and some of his
more specific non mod_python questions. We have also directed him a
number of times to a mailing list etiquette FAQ so he can learn better
ways of asking questions and not upset people in the process. For all
that we have done, his manner has not changed and all our pointers to
more appropriate topic specific forums has only resulted him also
spamming those other lists with generic questions nothing to do with
those mailing list.

So as much as it feels good to help people, I share Nicolas' frustration
with this particular poster. They never express any sense of 
for the help provided and seem to think that we exist only to answer
his often most basic questions which have nothing to do with mod_python
and which they would have been able to work out themselves if only they
had done some research and experimentation of their own.


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