[mod_python] Request sendfile question

Ville Silventoinen vsi at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Mar 24 11:57:38 EST 2006

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006, Jim Gallacher wrote:

> Ville Silventoinen wrote:
>> One colleague suggested using a named pipe. The mod_python process would 
>> fork a child process, which would set up the named pipe for the 
>> decompressed stream. The parent would wait until this is done and then use 
>> the named pipe filename with req.sendfile. Any idea if something like that 
>> would work?
> I have not idea but it seems rather complicated and would still require 
> modifying requestobject.c to expose the apache ap_send_fd call. I'm not 
> convinced it would be worth the effort. What are you trying to achieve 
> exactly that makes your orginal solution unacceptable?
I was just curious if anyone has tried something like that or if my 
solution is somehow faulty or slow compared to the sendfile. Sorry for 
asking stupid questions.

I may investigate mod_deflate or writing a filter, as suggested by Deron.

Thanks for you help,


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