[mod_python] odd behaviour of the md5-module in modpy

Nikolaus Schlemm nikl at nikl.net
Mon Jun 26 10:10:31 EDT 2006


for some reason the md5-module produces incorrect hashes for me. what seems 
particularly odd:
 * there are always leading zeros:
   * 8 leading zeros on a debian sid (32-bit)
   * 16 leading zeros on an ubuntu edgy (64-bit)
 * when calculating hashes distinct values, the hashes are all the same ...

substituting md5 with sha solves the problem for me on - well, rather a hack 
than a solution... but as md5 is used in other software, i'm wondering how 
this can be fixed.

unfortunately i couldn't find anything answers on this in google - is this a 
known bug? or possibly a counfiguration issue that I overlooked?


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