[mod_python] How to make mod_python (Win32) not to rely on registry key?

sanja at bougakov.com sanja at bougakov.com
Mon Jun 26 08:10:04 EDT 2006

Hello, Graham,

The problem is that adding the

   PythonPath "sys.path +

line in httpd.conf doesn't help - I still get the

  [Mon Jun 26 15:56:04 2006] [error] [client] python_handler:
  make_obcallback returned no obCallBack!

in Apache's error.log file. But when I restore the
HKCU\Software\Python\PythonCore\2.4\PythonPath Registry hive and restart
Apache, everything works OK.

>The SetEnv directive only affects environment variables inherited by
>CGI scripts. It does not affect the environment of Apache itself and
>thus does not affect the environment of mod_python. In order to add
>extra directories into the Python module search path, use the
>PythonPath directive as documented in the mod_python documentation.
>On 23/06/2006, at 8:00 PM, sanja at bougakov.com wrote:
>> The problem is that mod_python doesn't look at these env.
>> variables. It checks only HKCU\Software\Python registry hive.
>> If I remove it and restart Apache, I get "error 500".

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